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Hello Eventide,


– Update to V5.22 from CF works fine (I have had to find slow 32MB card to make it work)

– SRC setting is kept after power off/on – Thanks!

– PREV PROG – is much better but still with problems:

Maybe it?s just my H7600 but, I still encounter this phenomena of module switching to PROGRAM 10 ("H7600 Banks") or 11 ("Mute"). This happens now much more often than it used to in previous software version if MIDI NOTE ON command is used from remote pedal board. After every 3 or 4 selecting of PREV PROG the module switches to PROG 10.


It happens less frequently with NEXT PROG. If I use analog switch connected to SW1 and SW2 and set control of PREV PROG/NEXT PROG to TIP1 and TIP2 – it works much better but not 100% good. The problem is then seen quite rarely (~once per 100 pressing of analog switch)


So to sum up its better, and big thanks to Eventide for the new software load, but I'm still looking forward your support regarding this unit switching to program 10 or 11. I hope that it?s maybe just something with my module setting and not bug. Anyway there was already post on this forum describing the same issue.


thanks for still taking care about H7600 !!

Its beautiful machine and deserves care 🙂