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Thx I.

However, SETUP does save levels.  I've been using it for this purpose and (some of the time) it works.  It ALWAYS saves the levels. But, sometimes it will not "implement" the new levels w/o going into levels screen and "jogging" the dial–then they instantly take. 

I use preamps for everything.  I don't run any guitars or other devices direct into the 8000.  However, the whole purpose of saviong setups is to save not just the routing (which you can save in  ROUTINGS), but the entire machine setup.  My preamps vary widely in their output, as do the instruments I plug into them.  I run stereo acoustic guitars through Avalon Pres.  The output of the 2 stereo transducers in one guitar may be dramatically different.  The Avalons can correct this, but not always entirely.  And,when I change guitars?  I can't run to the preamp and readjust everything.  Electric guitar pres are no different.  Some are very hot, others (IE: Mesa Triaxis) are not.  The only way to "equalize" all these different pres is to use the levels contols on the H8000.  Again, this works MOST OF THE TIME, particularly if you save a setup with presets.  Levels change OK.  But, if you save a setup w/o presets, or with same presets (but different levels/ routing), the Levels do not automatically "take". 

An example:  Setup A uses no gain changes (0 dB accross the board).  Setup B uses 20 dB of Pre A/D gain on Analog 1, 10 dB on Analog 2.  Switch from Setup A to B and go into input gain…  the VISIBLE gain is changed.  However, the ACTUAL gain does not change until you go into Pre A/D gain and "jog" the dial (just a micron).  Then it wakes  up and you have correct saved gain. 

 I fear I have a defective unit.  This doesn't seem right.  Thoghts?