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Hi Italo,

meanwhile, i've found this : as soon as i load another program and then go back to the one i've stored (with the modulated parameter), the problem isn't here anymore. This is only if i stay on the edited program that a update (or a save) bring the problem.

My program is :

FXA : m_bandelays
FXB : diffchorus, in serial routing

The parameter being modulated are the Freq parameter of the delay(s), in unipolar mode between 500 and 2000Hz (Freq=500 and scale = 1500). After updating, it seems that it goes from 0 to 1500.

I've tried to modulate it directly from lfo1 or from the param1 (param1 being modulated from the lfo1) with the same result.

Hoping this can help,