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 Hi earwig

Eclipse is very fast at program switching, definitely faster than the 7600.

Switching latency IS a side effect of high quality audio fx. The algorithm running in RAM is compiled when loaded; at the next loading command the old preset needs to be decompiled (clearing the RAM) and a new one re_compiled.

This means you get the full power of the unit to run what you load, that is the max. processing capability is used for your effect, rather than using much smaller algorithms running together (using much less resources = inferior quality) allowing for faster switching.

It's like "do you enjoy the full cake_or just a slice of it"?

Nevertheless the H7600 MIDI Virtual Racks presets were created with this in mind, avoiding switching latency. Each of these presets has 5 full blown, studio quality FX. A TWEAK # parameter remotes all parameters marked with an asterisk (*). The preset then stores 10 different tweaks, including on/off switching of each fx AND parameters settings. A single MIDI CC commands the switching between any tweak to any other one.  This is beyond "near zero" latency. It's NO latency at all. Try them!

all the best