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Thanks Nick:

I can't find info on saving a setup, it is not listed in the appendix.
I want to make sure I fully understand your reply, but 1st, let me say that I have had to do a factory restore on this unit several times which supposedly clears/restores – to factory default settings – the setup and levels pages. After clearing the machine, internal clock is defaulted to 48k, but is not locked @ that frequency untill you load a routing or a setup. However, in my case, I had previously stored several routings to card and when I reloaded them, they were returned to the correct state which includede more than just routing…my pedal assaingmentsand certain levels parameters in the LEVELS area. In fact, I believe evrything was restored except midi. Did I miss something, I could be mistaken here.

So, If I save to card: SETUP (please state how to do this), PRESETS, USERGROUP,
USERGROUP MIDI MAP, then I will be able to restore any H8000FW running the same OS as was in the unit used to save it?