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OK, I've read the FAQ and about 10 different websites on how this should be wired (balanced to unbalanced). There are a variety of opiinions. But, accepting I's comments above and the wiring FAQ on this site, I have tried the following (which did not work):
1.) Kept XLRF Out from 8000 wired as is (balanced)
2.) Unbalanced TRS Input to my preamps (I have several) by attaching Pin 2 to Tip and combining Pins 1 & 3 to Sleeve (nothing to Ring).
Result is: no signal from 8000 at all
When using standard XLRF to TRS (balanced) into unbalanced return sends I get tons of noise, little signal.
I'm not a cabling guy. Can somebody explain to me exactly how to wire a cable so I can use send/ retun from unbalanced Preamps? The Unbalanced TR send into the 8000 works fine into the 1/4" inputs. What I need to know is how to wire the FXLR out (From 8000) to the TRS jack at the other end so it vwill work with my preamps. I've been trying for two weeks and all I've got is soldering iron burns to show for it! Thanks in advance!