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      Seems like a simple deal but I'm struggling with this one. Several of my applicataions with H8000 require me to use it in send/ return setup where preamp has unbalanced jacks (IE Mesa, Raven…). Inputting unbalanced sends into 1/4" analog inputs of 8000 works fine. But, returning balanced signal to unbalanced returns in preamp produces (not surprisingly) a ton of noise. Manual says to "unbalance XLR jacks by using pins 1 AND 3 as ground and 2 as hot". This leaves me with a couple questions:

      1.) On XLRF out from 8000, does this mean to use ONLY hot and shield (no – or black to Pin 3)? Or, do I leave XLRF as is normally wired and simply connect Pins 1 & 3?

      2.) On TRS end of cable into unbalanced return, what should be connected to what?

      Sorry: I'm no good with cabling. Thx for any help! Kevin

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      Hi Kevin

      Eventides use XLRs for balanced AND unbalanced +4 dB line level signals OR 1/4" jacks for unbalanced -10/-20 dB instrument level.

      Mesa Boogie FX loops run at +4 dB, as a real fx loop should.

      Then you must use all XLRs on your H8000, keeping balnced the Eventide side of the cables and unbalancing the Mesa side.

      If you check our FAQ on the web site you'll find accurate documentation on how to wire these units. Have a qualified technician doing the job for you.

      All the best


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      OK, I've read the FAQ and about 10 different websites on how this should be wired (balanced to unbalanced). There are a variety of opiinions. But, accepting I's comments above and the wiring FAQ on this site, I have tried the following (which did not work):
      1.) Kept XLRF Out from 8000 wired as is (balanced)
      2.) Unbalanced TRS Input to my preamps (I have several) by attaching Pin 2 to Tip and combining Pins 1 & 3 to Sleeve (nothing to Ring).
      Result is: no signal from 8000 at all
      When using standard XLRF to TRS (balanced) into unbalanced return sends I get tons of noise, little signal.
      I'm not a cabling guy. Can somebody explain to me exactly how to wire a cable so I can use send/ retun from unbalanced Preamps? The Unbalanced TR send into the 8000 works fine into the 1/4" inputs. What I need to know is how to wire the FXLR out (From 8000) to the TRS jack at the other end so it vwill work with my preamps. I've been trying for two weeks and all I've got is soldering iron burns to show for it! Thanks in advance!

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       You should *not* use TRS jacks on the unbalanced side! Just plain old 1/4" guitar jacks, Tip and Ground. Follow our tech note and it will work.

      -XLR connectors

      -BALANCED cable

      -1/4" Tip/Ground gtr jacks



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      Ahhh!  Faq does not really say anything about this. Since there are no XLR-TS cables, I was tring to work with XLR-TRS figuring the ring wouldn't matter. 

       So, Leave the XLRF out of the 8000 alone, take Pin 2 to tip and 1+3 to sleeve of TS, right?

      Thx! I!

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       It's obvious the tech note refers to guitar jacks. Why would you use a TRS (balanced connector) for an unbalanced wiring?

      Specifically, at the end of the technote, it says Tip and Ground!


      H8000/8000A Series:

      • Pin 1 : GROUND
      • Pin 2 : +PHASE (Hot)
      • Pin 3 : -PHASE (Negative)

      line levels cables (2 connectors + Ground) as those made by pro audio
      companies like Mogami, Belden , Canare, Monster Cables, Klotz, etc.
      Always keep balanced the cables ends connected to the Eventide XLRs I/O
      and unbalance the ?? ends connected to unbalanced gear.

      • Input from unbalanced ?? jack:
        • Connect XLR Pins #1 & #3 to ?? Ground
        • Connect XLR Pin #2 to ?? Tip. If either pins #2 or #3 are unconnected, you will get more noise and hum than signal!

      • Output to unbalanced ?? jack:
      • Connect XLR Pin #1 to ?? Ground
      • Connect XLR Pin #2 to ?? Tip
      • Leave XLR Pin #3 unconnected


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