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Sonic Nomad

I think it's a great idea and this has been mentioned in the past on Eventide Groups.
There are a couple issues at play here;

  • Some people would want tutorials on using their unit in a guitar rig.
  • Others in a studio production environment.
  • others in a live / front of house environment.
  • As there are currently several units on the market you'd have to replicate some tutorial and customize them to each unit.
  • How deep would the tutorials go? Imagine trying to cover 40% of the H8000 alone – that would be one big library of videos. 🙂

This would be a mammoth task and to my knowledge, it is more often 3rd party vendors who produce Video tutorials.  Then there's the market share thing – just how many people would buy this? Is it really worth the initial investment for a training company to consider producing a range of video tutorials for the Eventide range?
Personally I'd rather that Eventide focus on what they are good at – Taking Us To The Next Level – and not sit around trying to make videos.

Now don't get me wrong; I'm all for a product presentation of the products and also believe that it will be beneficial to prospective clients.
I too believe that some 3rd party training would be great!