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 There are various sources of latency.

 1) With a FireWire connection, the latency is determined mainly by the buffer size – this is given by buffer size divided by sample rate in seconds. So, a 512 byte buffer at 48kHz will give a latency (each way) of 512/48000 = 10.7mS.

2) If you are using analog inputs, depending on they type of A/D converter, there can be a delay of a few mS.

3) Different effects can cause a delay. Obviously delay effects do this, and reverb tails are delayed. Also, pitch shifters tend to have a minimum delay of about 20mS. Other effects may have variable amounts of delay.

Some DAWs have delay compensation. Otherwise, best results will often be given by using the wet/dry settings on the H8000, or if you want to mix them yourself, make sure the H8000 output is 100% wet, so that the delayed 'dry' signal is not mixed with the real dry signal.