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Sonic Nomad:

Oh ye! It would be real nice if we had some form of modular plugin that integrated the H8000 FW into our DAW as a plugin. Even if at most you could cook up two high end custom presets using DSP A & B this would still be a treat. I think though the permutations and intrecasies would call for either onee very big GUI or and very smart interface. Or the plugin would have to be something similar to the above mentioned Reaktor. Even reactor and other "plugin" bukders have standalone interfaces where the engine/preset is assembled and then "exported" as a plugin. So should Eventide ever release this powerful a plugin would it have the ability to offer such indepth programability or would this be in a standalone interface?

I think we have the answer and it's here and now. VSIG is the interface to build your preset and the upcoming E-Control plugin is the the Plugin though not VST yet!

Now all we got to do it wait for the the E-Control and see if it wil offer Audio streaming via Firewire or simply be a MIDI controlling plugin and keep praying for proper VSIG support on OS X!

Several years ago I seriously looked into a better GUI. Ironically VSIG can't be improved upon without a writing a whole new application and that would cost some major bucks and not be suitable for rack mounted box anyway. VSIG isn't so bad, unless you think Reaktor is.

What is E-Conrol?