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Thanks for
checking this!

The issue
number one has gone after reassigning pedals in my foot controller.  It works now fine. I have no idea why there was such strange phenomena, but now it's not important.

The 2nd
problem is still existing. Could you please confirm, that in Your module the
noise is with very high level?  For me all
OUT LEDs lights up (from green to red). 
I confirm that I observe this in several patches and its sonic character is
exactly the same in each.

The workaround
you have proposed is not clear for me. 
Under LOOP (of Levitation Alpha preset) there is ?level?. However the
change of it has no influence on the noise. 
So I assume that you mean some other parameter?

In 1716 Hexentanz
& 1723 The Gyre I don?t find LOOP menu.


I  would appreciate if some H7600 (v5.22) user could
check whether the loud noise is present in those 3 patches?

If not, I
would try then factory reset. Speaking of this, is it possible to perform
complete factory reset  and then to
restore just "User Group Setup"? It was quite a big job to collect my favorite patches and I
would like to have them back after reset.

 Thanks for