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      Hi Eventide,

      After upgrading my H7600 to 5.22 I have noticed 2 issues with several patches:

      1) Preset: 6617 "LA Studio Axe"

      When I switch OFF chorus in this preset 4th time, the whole module goes to mute (no sound).
      Reproducible each time.

      The same is seen in preset 6618 "Lead Tone Poem" – if CHORUS switched off (2nd time) whole module goes to mute.

      I use remote "midi note on" to switch off/on modules in rack presets

      2) There is very loud digital noise in left channel (like few hertz deep modulation) in presets:
      715 Levitation Alpha
      1716 Hexentanz
      1723 The Gyre

      Those presets not usable at all with this strong noise.

      Can any H7600 user confirm??

      Thanks, Regards


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       HI Prot

      i have just tested both presets on an H8000FW (sorry, don't have a 7600) and they work fine. What do you mean by "4th time" and "2nd time"?

      I suggst you try with MIDI CCs.

      I hear a click in Levitation Alpha. It's probably caused by input transients in the loop part of the preset. Work_around is to store the preset with loop level at -100dB then raise it, manually or w/MIDI CCs.

      Can't hear any noise on the other presets though.


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      Thanks for
      checking this!

      The issue
      number one has gone after reassigning pedals in my foot controller.  It works now fine. I have no idea why there was such strange phenomena, but now it's not important.

      The 2nd
      problem is still existing. Could you please confirm, that in Your module the
      noise is with very high level?  For me all
      OUT LEDs lights up (from green to red). 
      I confirm that I observe this in several patches and its sonic character is
      exactly the same in each.

      The workaround
      you have proposed is not clear for me. 
      Under LOOP (of Levitation Alpha preset) there is ?level?. However the
      change of it has no influence on the noise. 
      So I assume that you mean some other parameter?

      In 1716 Hexentanz
      & 1723 The Gyre I don?t find LOOP menu.


      I  would appreciate if some H7600 (v5.22) user could
      check whether the loud noise is present in those 3 patches?

      If not, I
      would try then factory reset. Speaking of this, is it possible to perform
      complete factory reset  and then to
      restore just "User Group Setup"? It was quite a big job to collect my favorite patches and I
      would like to have them back after reset.

       Thanks for


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      The noise lights up the green leds here.
      The work around refers to Levitation Alpha preset only as the other 2 presets have no noise here.
      Levitation Alpha has a LOOP menu. Turn level down to -100dB and store a copy of the preset. That will help.


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      No its not this 🙁 Storing the Levitation Alpha with loop level set to -100dB has no effect here.

      I still hope that some H7600 user could confirm the problem with the 3 above patches.

      Italo, is it possible to store on CF just "User Group Setup", and then to restore it after factory reset (I suppose its "format internal" menu)?

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       Regarding the noise,

       I suspect there's some impedance mismatching.

      What kind of
      signal are you feeding the unit, line level +4dB or instrument level
      -10/-20dB? From which sound source? How the unit is wired?

      You can store Usergroups. Press The PROGRAM KEY for a few seconds several times until you read Usergroups on the top left line. That's where you can execute such operation.



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      Thanks Italo for ideas, and tip regarding "User grp" store.

      I?m 100% sure that the noise problem did not appeared In previous software load.
      I have no idea if it has started immediately after upgrade to V5.22 as I have noticed it
      few weeks after the upgrade.
      So I?m not confident if V5.22 is to blame here.

      So far, I have found just this 3 patches with strong modulated noise. So I assume it?s not any wiring issue.

      It goes for example like this:

      GUITAR -> BRUNETTI MILLE PRE-AMP (OdB output )-> H7600 XLR input -> POWER AMP.

      But it exists also if nothing is connected to H7600 inputs, it?s always only in one channel, its disappears if Wet/Dry is set 0% (DRY signal is clear OK).

      New observation:

      The level of this noise is changing in time, after around 2 minutes it goes to ~0 (almost no noise) for around 5 seconds then increases again ? very slow modulation of noise amplitude.

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