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Interesting. I didn't initally report my PC stats because I assumed this was internal to the H8K, so if you think upgrading something in my PC rig would help, let me know. Here are my current versions:

– win XP pro SP2

– h8000fw driver dated 11/10/06 (according to driver properties in device manager)

– i'm using a fairly cheap firewire PCI card in my desktop PC, with a VIA chipset. the cheap card is simply because i'm not aware of any particular reason to use anything else…

– h8000fw system ROM version 5.2 (oh and now i see there's a newer version 5.3 on the website! i didn't even think of that. would that impact this behavior? i don't have a card reader but could pick one up and flash the ROM if you think that would help)

HTH, thanks!