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Hi Benjiskan

there are different architectures when it comes to FX processors. Some are closed, you choose the factory algorithms and create your tweaks (Eclipse), others are semi_open, you have a choice of different pre_made algorithms that can be freely connected in an audio chain (your Digitech/GForce), finally are the true open ones which offer pre_made algorithms and offer the user the possibility to create his/her own and do anything (Eventide H-series).

The reason why Eclipse is not instnt at changes is that algorithms need to be decompiled and re_compiled at loading time. This is also the reason why it sounds so good, as the full power of the dsp is used to provide the best possible fx in that context.

There are smart ways around! Instead of actually changing algorithms, one could use (and should!) MIDI CC messges to turn fx on/off and to change aspects of an effect to get a different one. A chors can be easily turned into a flanger by reducing delay time and raising feedback. This is possible in Eclipse.

As an example you could have a preset made of ChorusDelays (#106) in block A followed by Mshift+Reverb (#184) in block B. The first would easily provide stereo TapTempo modulated delays + chorus/flange (using the trick I mentioned above), while the second provides pitch shifting and reverb. That's already a lot of effects at *high* audio quality.

Your question:

 flanger+reverb in a block for crossfades > load #183 Chordlys+Verb8.

This will give you 4 delay lines you can use in pairs to create stereo taptempo Delay + Flanger/Chorus AND Reverb…and it's just one block!

Or…you could consider our H_series Ultra Harminizers with their monster MIDI Virtual Rack presets library, where you have 5 full blown fx processors in a preset in which you can program 10 different tweaks, including fx on/off + parameters settings. When you recall the preset a simple MIDI CC message with 10 different values can recall any of the 10 tweaks. It's like having ten presets i one!…There are many variations on this theme in the H-Series, plus the building blocks for those willing to assemble their racks with Vsigfile PC Algorithm Editor. You can check the very last pages of the Presets Manual for more info on these monsters!

all the best