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Hi – here are the details:

Input source : Guitar (tube pre-amp, line level input)
Input: Analog 1/2
Clock: Internal / 44.1k
Output: FireWire -> Mac -> LogicPro

I first heard the issue with a custom Vsig file but have been able to reproduce it on other presets. For example, 323 "Octal Compressor" shows the problem using the default parameter settings. Strangely, preset 324 "Quad Compressor" does not have the problem, although the compressor settings seem identical according to Vsig.

316 "Compressor_8" : problem
323 "Octal Compressor" : problem
324 "Quad Compressor" : NO problem
custom program : add 1+2 -> compressor -> out 1/2 : problem

The internal signal path is : analog 1/2 -> dspA -> main 1/2 -> FireWire -> Logic

Let me know if any additional info would help diagnose.