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Hi, thanks a lot for replying Nick.  I just wanted to select the preset 200-300 range in the eclipse.  My controller only sends 0-128(yes has option to select midi from 00 or 01 style midi devices)…

So I go to eclipse setup, maps, I see that map #1 is selected and leave that.  There you'll see:

 ( map #) (progchg#) (preset#) <reset map>

Map 1 is default  I put the preset # parameter on 0-200)The (pgmchg# parameter I don't mess with.  It will say 0-200 after I change the (preset#) parameter like I said above.

Am I correct that this will offset program number by 200.  For example I send program change #02 it will select preset 202? 

 Also, when putting in a number for the (progchg#) , it will not let you use the keypad to put in the values(it just goes blank if you try to use the keypad).  The (preset#) parameter WILL let you use the keypad to enter values..strange there.

 A few times, thinking I would reset the map after I alter it didn't work for me…the reset would not always work after I changed the progchg# and preset# parameters. 

 Thanks again for the reply Nick,