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 Thanks Italo,

The presets are all Shifters Ultra between 5610-5622

I tried to load a few different sources (mono Female Vocal,Stereo Fem Voc,Mono and stereo Male Voc)

input level- in analog I can see 2 leds(if i change the settings on my RME cards to Hi output Gain I can see 4-6 Leds) but when i changing to digital i can see the LED's at -5dB(almost full).

"what are the "fixes" you added in the Patch Editor?"

well,just enter to the patch editor then press on modify then press the select button,

and then a "pop up" window sais "modifying" and "loading new patch",

it solved the problem but i have to do it every time  i want to launch the preset,

by the why, when doing this "fixing" thing the inputs leds are stuck.(No reaction till I go to "setup">Meter< and modify the input meter again….

please let me know if you need more details,