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there are different approaches you should consider:

-chorus and flanger sound best after a preamp

-boost is generally used before a preamp to get a different kind of "crunch", particularly with tube preamps.

In theory you could use one DSP pre_preamp and the other post_preamp, but it would be very likely a waste of resources. I would use a simple analog wah after your guitar and let the 2 DSPs take care of fx that will sound better after a line level signal. In addition to this, you'd need to create your own pre_preamp presets, learning our Vsigfile algorithm editor for PC.

Another problem may be loading a monolithic preset, as this runs on a single DSP A, making B disappear from the routing. Not a good way to go.

Virtual Rack is not a "mode", it's a collection of presets containing 4 or 5 hi_quality stereo machines (pretty much like a full rack). A MIDI Virtual Rack can store up to 10 different tweaks in it, including the on/off status of each fx AND the values of all parameters labeled with an asterisk (*). A single MIDI CC is patched to the TWEAK knob…so if your MIDI pedalboard can send a midi CC message w/a specific numeric value like 1 to 10, then you'll be able to recall any of the internal tweaks without changing preset. That' not even fast..it's NOW…INSTANT!

There is a wah wah….but honestly, dedicating a 2500$ sinbgle dsp to that is (IMHO) a waste. You can get much more than that.

Here's how:

if you intend to professionally manage your rack with a mixer, you could have the 2 DSPs set for mono in (that's what a guitar preamp sends out anyway) and stereo out, in parallel. So, you could load two different presets at the same time or at different times…and switch between them via MIDI CC messages, just changing levels. This will give you instant preset change. Imaging having two different MIDI Virtual Racks loaded, w/different sets of FX. What else would you need in term of fx?

Please take a look at the presets manual. In the last pages there's a detailed description of how the MIDI Virtual Racks work.

FYI, Eclipse has 2 FX blocks..BUT can run up to 5 fx at the same time, depending on the 2 choosen algorithms stored in a preset.

"Good and sensible way" ?

It's just THE best way!