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 HI Michael

we need to have this working so that you will be able ANY OS version.

First thing off, your compact flash card may be incompatible or wrongly formatted. You can check Eclipse forum for previous posts with the useful info on this.

Regarding the update via PC:

-is the USB to serial adapter correctly installed? Thee devices usually have drivers that need to be installed before they can be used.

-Serial port settings should match in both units (Eclipse and PC)- Set them to the following values:

BAUD RATE: try 57600



PARITY : none

to make sure Windows stays on these same values, don't just take for granted what the Update Utility shows you. Check these setting in Windows itself. Right click My Computer icon, then click on Properties, click on Hardware, click on Peripherals Management, now find the PORTS (COM and LPT) line and click on the + symbol. Highlight your USB to RS232 device (should be visible here if correctly installed) and right click on it choosing Properties. Port Settings tab will show you the true settings. Just make them as above and make sure Eclipse is set there too!

Try again.

all the best