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The unit is connected by firewire to a Mac Pro running Mac OS X 10.5.6 and the H8000fw is 5.3
resetting to factory defaults doesn't help. The strange thing is 4209, also a reverb preset, works fine and many other presets also work fine (I haven't checked all ofcourse). Eventide Dice controls my H8000fw.
It's aggregated with a Lynx Aurora with a firewire card (connected to a seperate firewire card in the computer).
I clock an Apogee BigBen from the AES 3/4 outputs, when I clock it from AES 1/2 the BigBen can't see the right frequency (it switches between random frequencies quite fast). The BigBen clocks 2 Lynx Aurora's and some other equipment.
I pressed U106 already, didn't make a difference this time, it solved an issues in the past.

I'm going to try disabling output 3/4 of processor A – I just remembered I did this before and it solved a similar issue (but I recently reset the unit, so this routing setting was lost). I'm also going to connect to H8000fw to my console tomorrow with the analogue connectors.