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In the
software "Melodyne" and the "elastique" you have the option to shift
pitch and to shift formans. Formants shifting in a – direction makes
the sound more muffled if you add more formants the sound becomes more
treble high quality. I do not how to explane it better. I totally
understand your mentioned aspect:

different pitches so that the sound remains "loyal" to its character over the shift

But for me the nice thing was to be able to play with the density of the sound.

So if Eventide has calculation (with the Ultrashifter)I was hoping that
there is a way to have the possibility to calculate those formants


Thanks for trying to help

Am Fri, 5 Jun 2009 12:40:00 -0400

 schreib IDeangelis <bounce-IDeangelis@eventide.com>:


it sounds a bit unclear to me what exactly you need to do.

Normally you don't pitch shift formants; they happen to be the peculiar
physical aspects a phonetic media overimposes on the sound it
generates. When you pitch shift such sound, the formant_accurate pitch
shifter should calculate the correct formant at different pitches so
that the sound remains "loyal" to its character over the shift range,
avoiding chipmunks artifacts.

Could you explain what exactly is t he task you are looking into?


I —

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