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Go for the Orville! Anything you can do with an H3000 or 4000, you can do better with the Orville with better sound quality. I know. I owned a H3000, got rid of it for a 4000B+ because I wanted more power, then got rid of the 4000 for an Orville. I've got more power than I know what to do with now! Lol! 1000+ presets and if you still can't find the effect you're looking for, VSIG is an awesome tool and much easier in use than it appears at first. Worried about maxing out the DSP with large algorithms? If you can manage to do that (it's not that easy, actually), you've got a 2nd DSP (like having 2 7000 series Eventides) you can route the signal into for more horsepower. Absolutely AMAZING instrument and the best deal going at the moment. If I had only bought it in the first place, I would've saved myself a good bit of money. Don't make that mistake!