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 First thing you need to do is setup the routing in the H8000FW.

Go to MAIN inputs and choose Analog 1 and 2 for IN 1 and 2 (for your analog mixer). Then you need to se tup 2 stereo FW inputs for your DAW: set FWIRE1 in 1 for IN 3, FWIRE1 in 2 for IN 4, FWIRE1 in 3 for IN 5 ans FWIRE1 in 4 for IN 6.

We have thus configured inputs as you like.

Now you have to decide how you want to use the 2 DSPs to rocess your audio sources. Once you know that, you'll have to route analog in 1 and 2 AND FWIRE in 1/2/3/4 to DSPs single inputs, unders DSP A and DSP memus.

Same cocept applies to MAIN outputs. Since you probably want to have all inputs being processed and outputted by FWIRE, you'll have to set your FWIRE outputs in the MAIN Outputs menu.

The real trick then is how you route the signals inside the DAW mixer. It's no longer an H8000Fw routing issue. You may need to assign tracks to the FW I/Os, using the software mixer bus(es)/send/returns.

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