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Thank you for the message, I. Here is what I recorded from the GSP:

Compressor: on, ratio: 1.5:1, thresh: -30 db, level: -6 dB

Distortion: bypass (I think I shut it off, I can look this up if you need it)

Analog EQ: 7 Band, 80 Hz: 10 dB, 160 Hz: 4 dB, 320-640-1.28K-2.56: 0, 5.12K: 6 dB

Master Vol: 1 dB

Ext FX Loop: loop: No Sum

Stereo Noise Gate: on, thresh: -64 dB, Hyster: 6dB, Holdtime: 20 ms, attack: 0 ms, release: 50 ms, attn: 20 dB, delay 5.0 msec

Pitch Shifter: on, level: 45, predelay: 0 ms, pitch: 7 tones, detune: 0, track 6-10, regen: off

into 2X1 Mixer, lev1: 100, lev2: 100, outlev: 100

4 Phase Chorus: on, level: 100, delay1: 10.00 ms, delay2: 20.00 ms, delay3: 30.00 ms, delay4: 40.00 ms, speed: .34 HZ, depth: 5.5 ms

into 5X2 Mixer, input1 lev:100 pan: -50 (L), input 2 lev: 100 pan 50 (R), input3 lev: 100 pan -23, input4 lev: 100 pan 23, input5 lev: 100 pan: 0, output left: 100 right: 100

Mono delay 2.0 sec: on, delay: .375, fbk: 20%, level 60, rpthold: off.

On the sour effect thing, I will look into that.  It may be something I am doing, but it seems that pitch shifts combined with delays give me this effect.  The do not repeat true to their first pitch shift.  If I change the track 6-10 on the GSP, I get a similar effect.