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      I have been trying to program the H7600 to reproduce the Floating 5ths I like so much from my Digitech GSP 2101. Can it be done?  It seems the pitch shifts start out okay but wig out before they stop playing–not to mention a number of other issues I will need to address; this one is the worst so far.  I am new to the Eventide product, but it seems the pitch shifts all have this unusual sour effect.

      I saw the list for my 2101 installed in some of the other dsps from Eventide, and I am wondering if I can get the algorhthyms for the H7600.

      Thank you for your time.


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      to answer your question ("can it be done?") I'd need to exactly know how the effect is designed, its structure and parameters….

      As far as whatyou report on the H7600, you don't specify what preset you have used or what have you created in Vsig , if you have use it.

      Eventide pitch shift have no "sour effect", another detail we'd really need to know what you mean by.

      We remain full of curiosity!

      Please let's know.



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      Thank you for the message, I. Here is what I recorded from the GSP:

      Compressor: on, ratio: 1.5:1, thresh: -30 db, level: -6 dB

      Distortion: bypass (I think I shut it off, I can look this up if you need it)

      Analog EQ: 7 Band, 80 Hz: 10 dB, 160 Hz: 4 dB, 320-640-1.28K-2.56: 0, 5.12K: 6 dB

      Master Vol: 1 dB

      Ext FX Loop: loop: No Sum

      Stereo Noise Gate: on, thresh: -64 dB, Hyster: 6dB, Holdtime: 20 ms, attack: 0 ms, release: 50 ms, attn: 20 dB, delay 5.0 msec

      Pitch Shifter: on, level: 45, predelay: 0 ms, pitch: 7 tones, detune: 0, track 6-10, regen: off

      into 2X1 Mixer, lev1: 100, lev2: 100, outlev: 100

      4 Phase Chorus: on, level: 100, delay1: 10.00 ms, delay2: 20.00 ms, delay3: 30.00 ms, delay4: 40.00 ms, speed: .34 HZ, depth: 5.5 ms

      into 5X2 Mixer, input1 lev:100 pan: -50 (L), input 2 lev: 100 pan 50 (R), input3 lev: 100 pan -23, input4 lev: 100 pan 23, input5 lev: 100 pan: 0, output left: 100 right: 100

      Mono delay 2.0 sec: on, delay: .375, fbk: 20%, level 60, rpthold: off.

      On the sour effect thing, I will look into that.  It may be something I am doing, but it seems that pitch shifts combined with delays give me this effect.  The do not repeat true to their first pitch shift.  If I change the track 6-10 on the GSP, I get a similar effect.


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      Ok… looks clearer now.

      This is a complex algorithms with a number of effects stringed in series or parallel or a combination of both. It can be recreated in Vsigfile, taking the time to learn the tool and how effects are created.

      Not a problem for the H7600.

      Regarding the pitch of the repetitions: it's normal that any subsequent echo repetition has its pitch raised or lowered set in the pitch shifter. In this case the delay used is NOT the pitch shifter one, but a separate delay placed after the pitch shifter. That will repeat the pitch shifter at its steady tuning.

      all the best


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