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Ok, now that I got the time I can give you the complete list where I heard the "cracks":

158 AutoCorrect

159 DualWammy

162 St Shifter

163 DiatonicShift2 (only minor pops, here)

164 Multishift2 

165 DualDiatonic

166 DualMultishift

167 DiatonicShift4 (minor pops)

168 MultiShift4

184 Mshift+Reverb8

185 Dshift+Reverb

186 Stshift+Reverb

232 Bob's Delay (plus cracks, also continuos Hummmmm, here!)

245 ShiftedVerb1

246 ShiftedVerb2

247 ShiftedClusters

279 Diat+3rd+5th

280 Diat+5th+7th

281 Diat+4th+6th

282 Diat+5th+Oct

283 Diat-4th+5th

284 Diat- Oct+5th

285 Diat-Oct+Oct

286 Diat+5th+10th

296 Micropitchschift

300 Thick -500's

301 Thick 1200's

302 Thick -1200's

308 Sleeplechese2

339 Rainbow Drops

344 SpacedSpaces

449 Flangedown

355 BrillianceLoop

359 Quintillizer

363 OctaFuzz

389 Ring-A-Verb

395 Artifacts

404 DrnkMusik

406 EvilHiLowShift

447 EtherHarp

449 GentleGiant

465 Eclipse Rocks

477 Watery Chorus

479 Magic Air

480 Voice Douber

488 E.Z. Chorus

491 Mondo Chorus

493 Ballerina

804 Bulge Tales

805 FlangDlyThick

807 Verb Swims!

811 GTR Rig #1

834 Pitched Dlys

840 Finally_the5th

901 TF 1:2 Multitap (strange sandy roumors)

910 TF 6:1 FiltPongs (strange creepy hiss)

In a few words, seems that the whole Pitchshift stuff is KO.

The tests were made both with the whole rig connected (guitar, valve preamp, line mixer, Eclipse, power amp and speaker) and with only Eclipse with no imput, going direcly into the power amp and the speker. I use only analog stereo inputs and outputs, no digital.

Display problem is the same in the v4.0. Often, after a few repower, the bottom line (the area where direc key compare) doesn't display leters correctly, but some leds that shoul be on are off and some one should be off is on, in a casual order and with incostant grade of number and "entropy". It doesn't happen always, only sometimes, expecially after editing operations.

Card I tried an old 32 MB Hamlet and a new 2 GB SanDisk Ultra II (15 MB/s). Both were formatted FAT using a Digitech JamMan as card reader and deleting the directory he creates for itself. Both were used succesfully to upgrade the firmware.

Plus, I don't know if it's a v4 bug, but loading

437 GravelyThroat439;  438 Logan's Box; 439 Soudwave; 440 Vocoder13  the system crashes, keeping blinking the bypass, parameter, Khz and bypass ledd consequentially.