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Nick – thanks for the prompt response. No need to apologize for the
bug – it's a beta release! FYI – here's some other feedback that may
be useful (I know these are already known issues, but in case you're
keeping track):

1. I had problems with the CF card (the 16 vs. 32 issue mentioned in
the release notes), though it was fine once I reformatted it with
Windows (I had reformatted it in the Eclipse and also tried on my
MacBook, but then figured out that I needed to do it in Windows).

2. Like others, I was having problems with it freezing during the
install, but eventually tried updating to the 3.5x version (which
worked fine) and then to 4.0, and it then worked fine. If this issue
can't be fixed, consider mentioning it in the release notes (i.e., "if
it hangs during install try first updating to 3.5x . . . ").

Psyched about the new presets – will be giving them a try over the
next few weeks.

– cheers