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Hi Patill

the H7600 is simply the most powerful stereo FX unit on the planet.

It can provide you many, many more features compared to Eclipse:

-a lot more DSP power for bigger and more tweakable effects. Consider that its MIDI Virtual Racks alone are a guitarist dream and make the unit worth!

-the platform openess! You can create new algorithms or effects or even modify the factory ones to your liking

-over 4 minutes of delay time….in case you are into loops!

-3 minutes + sampling

-a lot of presets, including things from our previous units (3000/4000/7000/Orville) and new stuff unique to the H7600.

-basicallythe whole picture is obsolescence_proof, given the power, open structure and features of the unit.

The choice really boils down to your interest in the presets, the will to create your own things learning Vsigfile (not difficult). But even not considering this, just the choice and variety of factory presets should give you an idea of the H7600 power. Please check the unit's Presets Manual last pages for a detailed description of the MIDI Virtual Racks, particularly crafted for the guitarist!

all the best