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1) Did you clear setup as recommended after the update ? If not, do so.  * Yes I did

2) What was your previous version ? If it was not 3.51, install 3.51 and then re-install 4.0. * 3.51

3) What is the exact sequence of events from power-up to the freeze you mention ?

first time it happened when I went into "Levels" and started putting in my original values (they got cleared out in in setup). I restarted the unit after the freeze and started to recreate a couple of patches I had before (reverb 8 and Reverb8/Vintage Delay) Loaded Reverb 8 (modified) and system froze. I reloaded 3.51 and everything worked fine — no problems. I re-install 4.0 (cleared setup and internal RAM)  — clicked on first patch "mute" to start and recreate my patches again — same thing happened — system froze.

Reinstalled 3.51 and have not had a problem since.