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Thank you for the official reply.
I always send the signal like

guitar (TS OUT)-> guitar preamp ( 1 TRS OUT)-> eclipse (2 Stereo Balanced XLR OUT)-> Recording Interface

now I try 

guitar(TS OUT) -> guitar preamp (1 TRS OUT)-> BBE 831(1 XLR OUT) -> eclipse (2 Stereo Balanced XLR OUT)-> Recording Interface  

and I found only 1 Eclipse Balanced Out is on the normal volume,
another XLR Out
and the Eclipse Unbalanced Out is very small volume with the noise sounds like the overload.

I checked the cables its fine without any problem. and I try to turn the default factory setting.

I hold down the 8 key and power on to clean all the setting, but it can't fix the situation.

(can't fix even I turn to the 3.5 updated or earlier updated)

Am I miss any step? I read the manual for a long time, but I can't found the solution.

Please help me because we don't not any professional eventide technical engineer in our country.

Thank you so much.