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      Hello Everyone, I got a eclipse last year,

      its very well on work,

      and the Input Gain and Output Gain on 0.0 is a basic setting for my gear.

      But 1 month ago, it sounds low volume now, the Input Gain/Output Gain need to boost to 10.0,

      and I can't get a normal sound from the unbalanced Output jack.

      the S/PDIF output is on work now.

      Is everybody meet the same problem?

      Is it something broken or just my setting trouble?

      Please help me, Thank you.

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      Hi acluke

      it's definitely something in your setup!

      Unfortunately you don't describe how this is made.

      -what kind of sognal is sent to Eclipse (balanced/unbalanced – +4dB/-10/20dB)?

      -describe the whole signalpath

      -what changed in your setup from when Eclipse levels sounded ok?

      -have you tried different cables? They easily break.



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      Thank you for the official reply.
      I always send the signal like

      guitar (TS OUT)-> guitar preamp ( 1 TRS OUT)-> eclipse (2 Stereo Balanced XLR OUT)-> Recording Interface

      now I try 

      guitar(TS OUT) -> guitar preamp (1 TRS OUT)-> BBE 831(1 XLR OUT) -> eclipse (2 Stereo Balanced XLR OUT)-> Recording Interface  

      and I found only 1 Eclipse Balanced Out is on the normal volume,
      another XLR Out
      and the Eclipse Unbalanced Out is very small volume with the noise sounds like the overload.

      I checked the cables its fine without any problem. and I try to turn the default factory setting.

      I hold down the 8 key and power on to clean all the setting, but it can't fix the situation.

      (can't fix even I turn to the 3.5 updated or earlier updated)

      Am I miss any step? I read the manual for a long time, but I can't found the solution.

      Please help me because we don't not any professional eventide technical engineer in our country.

      Thank you so much.

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      A signal post preamp is normally a line level one. You
      should use XLR inputs, NOT 1/4". Eclipse manual and our website
      technotes dscribe the soldering necessary to use  line level signals
      from 1/4" unbalanced sources connected to an Eventide balanced XLR

      Another problem might be caused by the fact you are very
      likely using a single Eclipse input. When this is the case you have to
      enter LEVELS > Input Mode and select Mono 1 or 2, according to which
      input # is connected on your machine.



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      Thank you for reply

      1. I use the XLR input now by my BBE 831 machine and the problem still here.

      2. I always choose the mono 1 for Input, after the problem happen, I try to use mono2 jack, it can't be solve until now.

      and I try again now, its sounds like the distortion sound when I bypass any effect and my preamp… Its the biggest problem,

      but I can with the small volume use the S/PDIF out to the Recording Interface, use other boost software vst plugin for recording, the sound is great, its only happen by XLR out and TR/TRS out on the Eclipse, thank you.

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      it's hard to say what the problem can be from remote. I would try different cables and connections. If this doesn't help, your unit may have a problem in the analog I/O board. You should then contact your country distributor or

      all the best


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      Hello, thank you for reply again,

      I try to use the XLR input the eclipse,
      its better sound than I heard the distortion noise, but its still too low volume.

      May it be the I/O board problem?

      Our country distributor without any help,

      so the only way is to send it to the U.S eventide maintain station? or maybe can replace the parts on our local distributor?

      Really thank you for your help.

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      The XLR input has a bigger headroom so it may require to raise the input gain a few dBs.

      I can't say for sure if the unit has a problem or not. It's impossible via email.

      If your country has an Eventide distributor you can contact them, otherwise contact our support at the email provided in my previous email. Repairs are normally done in USA.

      all the best


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