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Sorry, no video, but maybe that can help.

2) switch patches – a simple way is to go through patches incrementally 

-> a very simple way without using midi: use a switch (like Boss FS-5U). Plug it in for instance the "Pedal 1" plug in the back of the Eclipse. Then Setup -> External -> page 5: PGM+ -> Source: tip & ring 1  

-> with MIDI: same thing with PGM+ -> Source: ext(number of your choice), then in Setup -> EXT(number), you set-up which midi control will be linked – the easiest might be to go to page 2 (in the EXT(number)), to hit <CAPTURE>, and then to move your MIDI control. This MIDI learn function comes handy.

3) control certain parameters with an expression pedal (i.e. wah/vibrato etc)

-> when you see the program parameters, press and hold the soft key under the chosen parameter. Then -> MODULATE then -> SOURCE then choose either ext(number) and do as above to set the midi control that will be linked to this external.

The link between an external and a MIDI control is global, as far as I know, it's "your studio set-up", not a preset set-up.