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      Hi  — has anybody put together a "how to video" on programming a foot controller to work with the Eclipse?

      I know for some of you this is super easy … but for some (especially the "analog" old timers, MIDI is still extremely challenging.

      Lets say the Voodoo Ground control.

      I want to accomplish 3 things

      1) Be able to turn effects on/off

      2) switch patches

      3) control certain parameters with an expression pedal (i.e. wah/vibrato etc)

      Please do not send me to links to read on Midi — read the stuff and I am still having a hard time making sense of it all.


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      Sorry, no video, but maybe that can help.

      2) switch patches – a simple way is to go through patches incrementally 

      -> a very simple way without using midi: use a switch (like Boss FS-5U). Plug it in for instance the "Pedal 1" plug in the back of the Eclipse. Then Setup -> External -> page 5: PGM+ -> Source: tip & ring 1  

      -> with MIDI: same thing with PGM+ -> Source: ext(number of your choice), then in Setup -> EXT(number), you set-up which midi control will be linked – the easiest might be to go to page 2 (in the EXT(number)), to hit <CAPTURE>, and then to move your MIDI control. This MIDI learn function comes handy.

      3) control certain parameters with an expression pedal (i.e. wah/vibrato etc)

      -> when you see the program parameters, press and hold the soft key under the chosen parameter. Then -> MODULATE then -> SOURCE then choose either ext(number) and do as above to set the midi control that will be linked to this external.

      The link between an external and a MIDI control is global, as far as I know, it's "your studio set-up", not a preset set-up. 

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      I know what you mean! Old timer myself.

      Make sure the Eclipse and pedal are on the same midi channel. Look in the pedal info first. All midi units connected to the pedal needs to be on a different channel. At least that's the way I understand it.

      Good luck, I feel your pain.


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      Im with LVC on this one … I hooked up an old midi wizard to do simple channel changes and I have presets 1-9 stored in the eclipse but when I use the controller to change to channel 1 the eclipse changes to 101 … cant seem to access 1 thru 99

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      Eventide Staff

      Please read the section in the User Manual describing MIDI maps.

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