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Hi passion presents

Eventide provides VSIGFILE Algorithm Editor for Windows PC only. This tool is required ONLY if you intend to create algorithms. It's not needed to operate/control the H8000.

Third party provides VsigX for Mac. We don't support this version, so any request for support/advice should be directed to them.

At this time the options to program algorithms on a Mac are:

-using VsigX

-using Bootcamp/VMware Fusion/other virtualization software to run Windows on a Mac.

As for the serial connection, the Keyspan USB to Serial adapter should be connected to the USB port of a Mac or PC and use a serial cable from the serial port of the Keyspan to the one on the H8000. I have several cables and have no problem doing this on several Macs and PCs.

I have no problems in serial communication with the unit on ANY computer, running 10.4/10.5/Win XP.

What is exactly the problem you are having?

warm regards