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      Two moths are getting my new h8000FW this still does not work with my mac, and will not let use vsig……none of the applications I bought this for are accessible. After spending plenty of time trying to figure this out, I got a keyspan usb to serial. ( My 2nd aftermarket product attemtping to get this working.) Does not fit…binding posts are obstructing the connection. WTF!!! I droppe dlots of coin, and this is not what it was advertised as….how much longer and at what expense must I encur to get my new unit functioning? This is totally unproffesional bullshit, this unit is not what it says on the website. I feel robbed. At this point of more money and time than the unit cost. Whats up??????? Tell me how to make this work, and please explain why it has not wokred as advertsied. This is what i do for a living, i don't see this as funny at all………..This should have come working out of the box.

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      Hi passion presents

      Eventide provides VSIGFILE Algorithm Editor for Windows PC only. This tool is required ONLY if you intend to create algorithms. It's not needed to operate/control the H8000.

      Third party provides VsigX for Mac. We don't support this version, so any request for support/advice should be directed to them.

      At this time the options to program algorithms on a Mac are:

      -using VsigX

      -using Bootcamp/VMware Fusion/other virtualization software to run Windows on a Mac.

      As for the serial connection, the Keyspan USB to Serial adapter should be connected to the USB port of a Mac or PC and use a serial cable from the serial port of the Keyspan to the one on the H8000. I have several cables and have no problem doing this on several Macs and PCs.

      I have no problems in serial communication with the unit on ANY computer, running 10.4/10.5/Win XP.

      What is exactly the problem you are having?

      warm regards


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      HI, pardon my frustration. I purchased the h8000 to replace a large rack of multiple processors with my own custom rack. I need to use vsig  is the problem I am having. Until then, I am stuck without what I need.

      I cannot get the computer and h8000 to communicate. I tried a radio shack usb- to serial and it did not work. I waited and got the keyspan, and downloaded the software. I had to get and additional "null modem" connector so the keyspan would connect to h8000( binding posts prevented that as shipped).

      Unit is set with serial on……

      every time I get an error message… check serial port, no connection. 

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      have you enabled the serial port in h8000fw settings. Read page 141 in User manual, as that will explain the settings that need to be done and where to set them. Also the settings should be set the same on both the h8000 and on your Mac. And if you have set that up correctly, are you sure the serial cable you are using is an RS232 cable, as it must be bi-directional. Also, I am sure you did this already but just in case..check that the serial port is enabled in the Mac's bios and OS.

      Try that and let us know how you get on. And try to persevere. It is quite a complex machine and can be quite tempermental at times, but once it is set up correctly it sounds sooo sweeeet 🙂 And finally, you can always ask for help here. The eventide guys are very helpful, as are some of the users here, and most of them know a lot more than I do 🙂



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      It won't work with null-modem type cable, it must be straight serial cable.

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      Hi Daniel

      ok! Let's get this UP & RUNNING!

      No temperamental machines here. Things are easy and very specific.

      You should *NOT* use <null modem> serial cables! Unfortunately there are several ways serial cables can be wired, for different applications (mouse, modems, industrial control, older PDA, etc.). We use the simple straight wiring, the basic one. Each pin of the cable is wired to the correspondent numbered pin…so 1 to 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3 and likewise on. This type of serial cable is an RS-232 THRU cable, w/9 pin male connector on one end and a 9 pin female on the other.

      If you are from USA, I once bought a "Radio Shack #26-117B Shielded RS-232C Cable 6' " that works perfectly. It's been a few years now, so they might have a different part number. I also own a couple of HAMA (German brand) serial cables that look exactly like the ones here:


      they are both presented as mouse cables. I bought them a few years back so I can't be 100% sure as the cables have no part # on them. Everything is on the box which I nuked ages ago…

      Here's a link to another vendor:


      Once you have the right cable, which proves to work with Oupdate and Vsigfile on a PC, you should proceed to install the USB to SERIAL converter on your Mac. The Kwyspan works fine and has drivers for 10.4 and 10.5. Not sure you can use it yet on Snow "White".

      The driver installs an app to configure the serial com. The instructions are very self explanatory.

      Then install vSigX (and please refer to the following link for updates/info/support on it:  http://www.wholecheese.com/vsigx/vsigx.html)

      Once all of this is done, on a Mac you'll be able to use vSigX under OS X and even Vsigfile under Windows (both as native Bootcamp use or virtualized) using the same cable.

      Start with geting the right cable.


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      I have a keyspan which may work , but the binding posts prevent it physically mating….the gigaware model I got from radio shack is rs-232 or says it is, but has yet to recognize the 8000. Thats where I am at the moment. Tried for awhile yesterday as well. Unsure if it is the cable, operator error, or another variable I don't see.

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      Where are you trying to connect the Keyspan?


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      I am trying the radio shack again. Just went to my local mac store, as they told me they had one there. When I arrived,they told me that no drivers work for the mac. That they are manufatcurer specific, and that few if any have actually proven to work. I found that hard to digest. If Im not mistaken, I need to get a third cable via internet it seems.

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      you need to follow *me* and answer my questions…or we won't get anywhere.


      What is the "radio shack" thing you are referring to? It's the serial cable or an USB to Serial adaptor?

      Cable do NOT need any driver. Adaptors do.

      My question about the Keyspan was " where you are trying to physically connect it?". Please reply.

      Which OS X version are you running on your Mac?

      The Keyspan USA-19HS (I hope THIS is the one you have):


      it has drivers for Mac and Windows! Just click on Help and Downloads.

      1- For 10.5.x Leopard download the file Model USA-19HS Keyspan Driver – Mac OS X. (zip.2MB) . This is the driver version 2.5 and works with Leopard. If you run Snow Leopard (I hope you don't yet!) there's a driver for it too: Model USA-19HS, USA-49WG, USA-28XG & UPR-112G Keyspan Driver – Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

       (zip –

      386 Kb

      install the correct drivers on the Mac.

      2-connect the Keyspan to an USB port on the Mac, using a regular USB cable.

      3-connect a THRU serial cable between the serial port of the Keyspan to the H8000 port

      4-power on the Eventide and check SETUP > MIDI menupage. Click MIDI soft key 2 more times to enter the serial com settings.

      They should be set on:

      Serial : enabled

      baud rate : 115200

      data bits : 8

      stop bits : 2

      parity : none

      these settings should be set to the same values on the computer. The driver install a small app on the mac, named KEYSPAN SERIAL ASSISTANT. If you launch it, a window opens showing the following:

      Serial Ports

      > 1[USA19H]

      click the > arrow and below it shows:



      it's simply telling you the system now has 1 serial port and its name is the last string of text.

      Close the Keyspan Serial Assistant.

      Launch vSigX

      Click on its Preferences menu

      Click the Connection panel

      Check "Serial" on the left if it's not checked yet

      For Port Name choose:




      any of them will work.

      Make sure here Baud Rate/Data Bits/Parity/Stop Bits are set to the same values as on the Eventide and leave Flow Control to None.

      Close Preferences.

      Now you will be able to get a preset from the H8000 to the Mac, in vSigX clicking on GET PATCH, under the MIDI menu. Please refer to vSigX manual for further assistance on how to use the program.

      While I'm typing this, I have CLEAN INSTALLED the drivers on my MacBook as described and everything works perfectly….



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      Sucess. Wow, that was a ***. Fine after the right cable, but took a few for sure. Now I am wondering about E-control. I do not see how or where  to download that. After searching the forums,  I see with apprehension that it was not released on time….is that still unavaliable?

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       in the same boat what cable worked for you

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      Link this is my second cable and this one does not work either.


      My key span is flashing also is that normal?

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      Flash is good!


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      But it still does not pick up on keyspan assistant or VsigX!?!

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      There is a detailed explanation on how to install the Keyspan drivers in this thread, above, and it's absolutely working.

      If you are having any sort of problems, they are usually caused by:

      -incorrect serial cable

      -incorrect drivers installation and/or setup

      -incorrect use of VsigX

      you need to troubleshoot these as we can't possibly do it. We do not support computer configuration and third parties hardware/software.

      all the best


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      passion presents:

      Sucess. Wow, that was a ***. Fine after the right cable, but took a few for sure. Now I am wondering about E-control. I do not see how or where  to download that. After searching the forums,  I see with apprehension that it was not released on time….is that still unavaliable?

      Hey Do you have the name of that cable that worked for you as am on my second and am having no luck with either

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      First thing is to make sure you have the correct Keyspan USB-serial interface (USA-19H). Then, you can use it directly (you should be able to connect the interface directly on the unit), or with a direct serial cable (wired straight through), frankly any brand should work.

      Then, for more assistance, really make sure you read the instructions or search the archives for your particular system (Intel or G4/G5).

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      I have a keysapn USA-19HS dont know if thats right. The binding posts wont allow me to connect directly to the h8000FW.

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      You're right, because of the screw mounting. So, you need a straight-thru cable.


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      vSigX – Mac visual algorithm editor for the Eventide Ultra-Harmonizer


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      I am still having problems getting this to work.

      keyspan set up says

      Keysapn USB serial extension found, but no devices found.

      I have set up the eventide to the same as VsigX

      but my only option is  dev/cu.BluetoothPDA.Sync

      I am in the uk and cannot seem to get the exact radio shack cable!?!


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      did you install the file Keyspan-USA19HS-driver-2.5-MAC.zip ?


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