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OK I did the "Fix" and the start up and holding down the "Setup" button to reset the setup as per previous instructions from tech support.  I am no longer getting the checksum errors on start up. Seems to have worked.

According to tech support…   REMEMBER BACK UP YOUR PROGRAMS FIRST!!!

Eclipse versions prior to 3.5 did not announce checksum errors at every powerup, so they can appear new, when they may have been there for a long time.

Use SETUP/utility/fix to clear the error. If it comes back at the next powerup (or soon after) it probably means that the battery needs changing.

After every OS update it is mandatory to execute a CLEAR SETUP, which is always requested by the unit on the display right after installation. This is important as it resets a number of system parameters and caches for the best use.

Try a CLEAR SETUP powering the unit on while pressing & holding the SETUP key.