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Eclipse is a stereo FX processor, capable of running 2 algorithms in a preset.

The 2 algorithms appear as FX Blocks A and B and a number of routings are possible between these 2 Blocks:

-stereo SERIES A > B

-stereo PARALLEL A//B

-mono in/stereo out PARALLEL where input 1 feeds blockA and input 2 blockB

-dual mono PARALLEL where each input/output ise dedicated to a single block

So Eclipse can be defined as a stereo and a dual channel mono/stereo processor.

Eclipse can be *definitely* used for any application, live musician, Front of the House, studio recording and mixing..and partially in mastering.

There are pitch shifting presets for vocal (up to 8 pitch shifters with 2 seconds delay each and Tap Tempo).

Reverbs are very good and some new ones from the H8000 have been added in OS V4. Some presets from the bigger units are available, but they may be a reduced version, compared to the original.

Obviously the H-series has better reverbs as the bigger DSP power allows for reverbs with more internal delay lines and more early reflections/diffusors networks to be added/tweaked/etc.