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-BACK UP your presets

-Disconnect power cable and let the unit rest for 10 minutes

the battery you want to look for is a BR2330. You'll find a lot of CR2330. It's a lithium round button shaped flat battery.
Apparently you can use both, but the first is the recommended one.

To quote Panasonic-san: coin type lithium batteries are available in two types: poly-carbonmonofluoride lithium batteries (BR series) for uses that require extended reliability?and safety, and manganese dioxide lithium batteries (CR series) for uses that require high voltage and strong load pulse characteristics.
So essentially either can be used. CR types probably have slightly higher capacity and better current supply characteristics, so may last longer. But not by much.

-open the top cover (screwdriver action needed!)

-locate the round battery

-remove and replace it

-pay attention to which side goes down and which goes up

-probably necessary to execute a CLEAR SETUP at next power on.