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Hi Lucin,

the last two month i managed to do two different routing setups. even it only takes 2 minutes to do the routing, it took some days to unglue my sticky brain to dig into the subject again. i love routing, i somehow resist to open the h8000fw routing page.

i managed to route 2 parallel DSP A and B, sending them back to the sequencer and sending them out stereo through the H8000 to monitors . i say this, because i still am happy that i managed….

the routing is done in SETUP . in Setup, push inputs to asign  the routing to the "MAIN inputs" .

In you case this would be/could be( i am never sure until i hear what i want to hear)

analog in 1 -> IN 1

analog in 2 -> IN 2

AES/EBU in 11 -> IN 3

 AES/EBU in 12 -> IN 4

if you do not see AES/EBU 11 as an option to asign to IN 3, press input again to deselect AES/EBU 11/12 as OPTO in.

if that is done, press DSP A. in this page you will asign the routing to the DSP A. i should show this:

analog in 1 -> IN1

analog in 2 -> IN2

the rest can be unconnected. ("


now bress again DSP A to come to the DSP B page. put it to the following setting:

AES/EBU in 11 -> IN1

AES/EBU in12 -> IN2

now go to the output page. press it twice to read MAIN Outputs (Digital)

you see DIG1 DIG2 DIG3 DIG4. you need to asign your outputs of your DSPs to DIG3 and DIG4,

so it looks like this

dsp A out 1 (+) dsp B out 1 -> DIG3

dsp A out 2 (+) dsp B out 2 -> DIG4

i hope this will be the good routing for you. why are you not using AES 1/2 ?