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Matthias Adloff

Hi guys,

I´m quite "happy" to see this thread, as I experience exactly the same problem that Lars had. Since one always believes it´s ones own fault, I double-triple checked all connections, settings and power supplies. In the end I just replaced the H8000FW with an Orville, which works perfectly. Since all settings and connections are just the same as with the H8000FW, there might be a problem with this unit…

I bought unit my H8000FW (serial FW-00605) two weeks ago, used but in a very good condition and with just 430 hrs power-on. Unfortunately I get occasional clicks from the DSP-A outputs when there should be silence. It´s pretty unpredictable when this happens, but it´s for sure that the clicks from DSP-A get more when there is heavy duty on DSP-B (i.e. there is a complex program loaded).

I could send the unit back to the dealer, but since this problem seems to be known, I hope there is some faster solution to fix this. No need to say that I don´t want to have it the "Little Ferry shipment" way of things, if possible… (I had this with an Orville back in 2002, but it was a mess…)

Any help would be greatly appreciated !