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Matthias Adloff

Thanks Yannis,

thats very nice to hear ! I hope you did never regret your decision then. But I think one can´t go wrong with such a powerful machine.

Funny how this demo made it´s way to Eventide. It was never mentioned to be used like that. Jake68 from the Nuendo forum asked about a good musical reverb VST plugin. I just replied: Get yourself an Eventide. This was way too short an explanation, so I decided to make some reverb demos to put them online. But I found too many cool examples, so the demo became a little bit too long…

A few months later, I found that a swedish music store made advertising with my demo ! I wrote them and (of course) allowed them to use it, but that it would have been nice to inform me before using my work. One year later, Eventide asked me if they could use that too, and I was happy to support them. That´s what I call globalisation 🙂