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Hi Paul

congratulations on your Eventide & welcome to this forum!

Apparently Eclipse looks like a 2 fx unit…BUT….many algorithms can provide 2 or 3 effects at once. So you can get from 4 to 6 fx in all, using such algorithms and both FX Blocks (A & B).

It's very important you study the Algorithms and Presets manual to check the signal flow. This will suggest the unit's capabilities.

As a simple example a 4 voice moddelay algorithm can provide a stereo chorus and a stereo modulated delay by simply programming 2 voices for chorus (or flanger) and the remaining two for delay.

A 4 voice pitch shifter could give you a stereo chorus (2 voices) plus a mono detuning delay (1 voice) and a mono pitch shifter (1 voice). It's just a broader view than the usual "cheap package" you may find on other units. It's more creative. All these examples refer to a single FX Block, so you can add more into the other. If you check our presets you'll find many are built with this approach in mind!

Some combinations of fx may be more limited than others. Phaser lives alone, as a single algorithm. So your requested phaser + delay + verb can be achieved by running the 2 Blocks in series and loading 135 Stereo Phaser in Block A + 183 Chordlys+Verb.

Hopefully your unit runs on the latest OS, V4.01. Please register your unit to enable updates download for your Eclipse.