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      Hi all

      Just picked up my eclipse last week, starting to have some fun. I own an Tc electronic G-FORCE, which i have no problem programmig.

      I believe i have just realised the limitations of only FXA and FXB.

      Is there anyway of using lets say a phaser algo running into delay then reverb

      I want to use both units, i m getting the strange feeling that i can use only 2 efx at once which means that i may have to use the modulations on my tc unit running into the eclipse for a limited amount efx

      please can someone clarify this


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      Eventide Staff

      The Eclipse is finite. It will run one effect, which may consist of FXA and optionally FXB. In addition there is a "Modulation Block" which may be thought of as FXC, which allows many modulation options on the main effect.

      Effects which are only FXA can be crossfaded with each other, allowing a "spillover" on preset change.

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      Hi Paul

      congratulations on your Eventide & welcome to this forum!

      Apparently Eclipse looks like a 2 fx unit…BUT….many algorithms can provide 2 or 3 effects at once. So you can get from 4 to 6 fx in all, using such algorithms and both FX Blocks (A & B).

      It's very important you study the Algorithms and Presets manual to check the signal flow. This will suggest the unit's capabilities.

      As a simple example a 4 voice moddelay algorithm can provide a stereo chorus and a stereo modulated delay by simply programming 2 voices for chorus (or flanger) and the remaining two for delay.

      A 4 voice pitch shifter could give you a stereo chorus (2 voices) plus a mono detuning delay (1 voice) and a mono pitch shifter (1 voice). It's just a broader view than the usual "cheap package" you may find on other units. It's more creative. All these examples refer to a single FX Block, so you can add more into the other. If you check our presets you'll find many are built with this approach in mind!

      Some combinations of fx may be more limited than others. Phaser lives alone, as a single algorithm. So your requested phaser + delay + verb can be achieved by running the 2 Blocks in series and loading 135 Stereo Phaser in Block A + 183 Chordlys+Verb.

      Hopefully your unit runs on the latest OS, V4.01. Please register your unit to enable updates download for your Eclipse.



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      thanks nick

      its shame there is not an idiots guide to the eclipse!!!!

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      thanks italo

      i will give it a go!!! as regards to updating to vers 4, no i have not yet, i was sure i had a 9 pin com lead, but i cannot get my hands on it, i will have to order.

      I am excited about the update especially regarding the mod and time factor algos, again when using these i am only going to be able to place one in each fx block

      i know you dont want to hear this, but i am trying to figure the best way of combining the eclipse and TC GFORCE together especially running from a preamp

      thanks for your advice


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      you can update your unit to V4.01 using an USB Card reader and a Compact flash card. The Update is infact available both as via card (Pc/Mac) and serial port application (Pc/Mac running Windows). It's actually a much easier and faster method (CFcard).

      Best way to run multiple FX processors is always a mixer, where dry signal and wet from 2 (or more fx units) are summed in parallel. This is great with time domain fx like chorus/flanger/delay/pitch shifter/reverb. typical series effects include compressor/wah/eq/tremolo/filter fx….. which require the fx processor to be in series routing.

      Check our technotes in the Knowledge Base on EventideDOTcom for more ideas….

      all the best


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