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I would say enough…

its hard to say how many effects you can chain together, but It would be many, I never run out of dsp for what I needed, and I do program some nasty programs…

Just dont expect to realtime control the unit via midi as I found midi implementation to be very below standard, and dont expect to control it with control voltages either, cause the pedal inputs get translated to "control signals" which behave just as sloppy as the unit reacts to midi, very jittery and delay'ee

Apart from that the units rocks.

Maybe they will update the midi stuff and release lots of modules with mod rate or audio rate controllability (in VSIG (the software to patch modules together) there are modules with green and others with blue in/outputs, the green ones are either audio rate outputs, or modrate modulation in or outputs, the blue ones are the mentioned sloppy control signal in/outputs. Which imho are only good for monitoring values and manually controlling levels and parameters, nothing to work seriously with.

Well I know Midi is not a very serious standard anyway, but what almost any synthesizer is able to do with midi and midi control signals, the h8000 isnt, its just below standard and makes me urge even louder for countering this problem, with new optional modrate modules, like a pedal input that you can really feed an analog high spinning oscillator to control some parameters in the h8000 up to audio range, that would be awesome, but for now its just a dream…

Anyway you would have fun, and if you put some pressure on Eventide they probably will even listen and do the right thing to update their machines.