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the modular nature of the H8000FW allows building an effect in several different ways, from very simple to quite complex. This reflects on DSPs resources usage, making it impossible to say how many effects the unit can run in a single algorithm. It's different from other boxes using pre_allocated resources. Here resources are used to make fx sound at the top notch level. You can easily have a dozen simple fx to 5 rack quality machines in a single preset….and the unit can run 2 of them at te same time.

The variety of fx in this unit is simply stunning. There are thousands of different effects available and still possible if programming Vsig is a choosen way to go.

MIDI CC control of parameters works very fine.

Yes, you can put any effect where you like in the chain, even create series and paralell routings inside the preset.

One thing I'd like you to check out is the MIDI Virtual Racks Presets Library. Refer to the Presets manual; in its very last page there's an accurate description of how these unique_in_the_industry structures are meant to work.

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