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a) You should test another card and PCMCIA to CFC adapter on the H8000FW. This will prove if the card or adapter is faulty OR if the H8000 hardware has a problem.

b) The only way to sync delays is always MIDI Clock.

c) Well….levels depend on what type of signals are fed to the unit and which connectors and cable you are using. The XLRs inputs are for balanced +4dB line level signals; 1/4" are for unbalanced -20/-10dB instrument levels. So matching these specs in the first place is important.

I have never needed to change I/O levels in the unit. Sometimes if an analog source is a bit soft I boost the analog Gains of about +7/9 dB.

d) ADAT cables for the H8000 need to have small connectors. I know HOSA make some that fit ok. You can serach the forum as this has been discussed in the past.

all the best