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      Hello there,

      After 2 unsuccessful days of tinkering around, I have a few issues,

      a) I picked up my H8000FW 2 days back. Today, I tried saving a modded preset on the Flash card and it gave me an error. Space available on the Flash Card is shown as -0.00KB. It is the standard 32MB Flash Card I received with the unit. I tried reformatting it and it gave me the error, 'Cannot format card, possible hardware failure'.
      Faulty card? I don't have a card reader yet, so can't test it. I think it's inserted in correctly, lol.

      b) After reading the manual about Tempo Sync, I was wondering if there was any way to lock onto the DAW's tempo (other than using MIDIClock), so that all the delays etc are sync'd. Although, I could just set tempo, this would be easier : )

      c) I'm not sure what I did, but while trying to configure my setup, the O/P was too loud. So I went into the 'Levels' page and everything was at 0.00dB. I pulled down Output to -20dB and I/P to around -10dB or something.
      Now a few hours later, my synth input is very very soft. I have to boost to almost +20dB to get a nominal level on the meter. With all the wires criss-crossing, there seems to be digital noise seeping in too. If I bring the levels back to 0.00dB the 'Synth I/P' sounds okay, but any playback through the DAW is insanely loud. All this menu jumping has me super confused. Why are my levels all messed up? Analog I/P levels are very soft and I think Firewire O/P levels are insanely loud. What are recommended settings for levels? 
      I would also later like to try and get the entire setup to output at around 85dB SPL.

      d) Is it just me or do the TOSlink (ADAT) cables not fit in too well into the H8000FW? It snaps right into my other devices. It still works, but even a slight nudge can cause it to fall out.

      And that's all for day 2 folks!



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      Eventide Staff

      a) Could be the card or the adaptor. Contact support@eventide.com to get them replaced.

      b) Unclear how the H8000 could know the DAW's tempo apart from MIDIclock. Mind reading ? Note that not all delays are tempo-controlled – depends on the preset.

      c) Not sure what your levels problem is – normally you set everything to 0 dB and the outputs are about the same levels as the inputs. You don't say what your routings, sources and destinations are, so it's hard to suggest anything. Start by getting a good level on the meters, then adjust the outputs for the desired level.

      d) Not all ADAT cables fit well into the TosLink connectors. Some are better than others – there have been a number of forum post on this topic.

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      a) You should test another card and PCMCIA to CFC adapter on the H8000FW. This will prove if the card or adapter is faulty OR if the H8000 hardware has a problem.

      b) The only way to sync delays is always MIDI Clock.

      c) Well….levels depend on what type of signals are fed to the unit and which connectors and cable you are using. The XLRs inputs are for balanced +4dB line level signals; 1/4" are for unbalanced -20/-10dB instrument levels. So matching these specs in the first place is important.

      I have never needed to change I/O levels in the unit. Sometimes if an analog source is a bit soft I boost the analog Gains of about +7/9 dB.

      d) ADAT cables for the H8000 need to have small connectors. I know HOSA make some that fit ok. You can serach the forum as this has been discussed in the past.

      all the best


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      Thanks for the responses Nick and ID.

      ADAT is not that big an issue for now.

      I will need to check again on this levels problem, I think it was working fine till I fiddled around with some settings.

      MIDI Clock, I was hoping for some magical Firewire Sync'ing 😀 

      I will first try testing the card or adaptor before contacting support. Singapore is a long way from NJ 😛 

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      Eventide Staff

      You might want to try returning the unit to factory defaults (see User Manual) so that you are starting from a known state.

      With V5.5, you can send MIDI down the FireWire, which always seems magical to me.

      You can probably get another card and adaptor locally for less that the cost of shipping it.

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