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I tried to dive into the setup.

I don't have enough familiarity with the routing options availble as I did my setup a long time ago and I have never had the need to tweak it since then. The scenario I am trying to check is far too complex to allow me to understand if it is possible or not in a short time.

This is what I would need to know:

-Is it possible to assign an analog input ( pre machine A/B) to a firewire output ? This is what you need to bring the clean analog signal into the digital domain and available as a firewire sound source to process it inside your audio application.

-Is it possible to have a firewire signal source feed the machine A/B ? This is what you need to have the signal go to the processing machines still inside the software domain. So you can send vst outs to the H8000 machines, for example.

-It is possible to assign a firewire input to a physical analog output ? This is what you need to have the output of your sound application go back to the analog world.

Please note that whenever I am talking about firewire in/out-puts I am referring to the
H8000FW ones.

So, thank you anyone who has the time ( thing I am missing a lot) to try to get into this.

My best,