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Hi Nick!

Re MIDI clock over DICE from H8000 FW:

Since I started to build my rig (H8000 FW as both soundcard+fx +racked PC for live looping) with tempo synced everything, I discovered the hard way that it's really true that the MIDI clock out from H8000 FW is among the most stable and maybe the best.

I wanted to use that stability, ideally without having to involve an external MIDI interface (doing that now). I've tried syncing the H8000 FW to various clock sources from inside my PC but haven't came up with a stable AND foot tappable solution.

Re not being able to use channel one on the FW out.

I double checked this just now to exclude a possible routing utility bug and no dice.

I get no signal into my PC when routing something to FW1 out block channel 1, other channels on block 1 out works fine. I've only used the routing utility to do the routing work but when double checked, the correct connection is indicated on the setup page on the machine as well. I've tried both Reaktor and Bídule as recipients for the channel 1+2 stereo pair. I'm using ASIO. I've also tried different channels from the main out block to the FW1 out block.

I don't think it's computer related either. Same thing on my old laptop w/ old DICE driver XP SP2 as on my new rack PC w/ new DICE driver XP SP3.

This is the thread I was talking about: http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/t/5730.aspx

See point 5 in the original post. Seems like the same problem.