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Hello Italo,

thank you very mutch for this patch, I like it.

I spent some tome with research and here is what I fdound:

The 8000 5.5 and 5.3 Envelope version seems to be inoperable when wave "0" is selected (that's sine).

When I change the wave type inthe 4000 patch  to "1" (= triangle), then the envelope module of the 4000 patch becomes operable on the 8000.

In order to exclude any potential cause coming from the old patch I have created a simple 8000 patch containing only an envelope module and an ampmod module. Even there the envelope module is inoperable as long sine is selected. If triangle is selected, the envelope module becomes operable.

Could you check this with your setup, please? The simplest way is to load the 4000 patch into the 8000 and change the wave parameter to triangle (1). I have attached it again, this should take only a minute.